Project Assessment Reviews

The threshold determination to be made is whether or not the project should be built or acquired. CHOPP CONSULTING can review, as appropriate, the following and provide you with its written assessment of your proposed project to determine its viability:

Historical financial data


Zoning (existing and modification possibilities)

Acquisition costs and deferred CAPEX

Construction and development costs

Rehabilitation costs and related applicable use bonuses

Soft and variable costs

Rental/sales and other marketing information

Survey of the physical property layout

Utilities and property access

Extraneous market conditions (interest rates, broker commission rates, etc.)

Governmental aspects (platting, permitting, approvals, local boards)

Project financial costs and profit expectations

     Costs related to this research may require CHOPP CONSULTING to engage experts. These costs will be the responsibility of the client.

     This project assessment can be made for the developer/promoter, a financial institution, or an investment group.  CHOPP CONSULTING will provide you with a report of our findings within a definitive time schedule.